Thursday, March 19, 2009

Get steamed

There are some areas of my house that are extremely difficult to clean.  One is the very small space between the back of my sink and the wall.  Can anyone explain to me why this little crack exists other than to drive me bonkers on a daily basis?  I have found the only way to clean this space is also the one that uses no chemicals or products at all, the steamer.  The steamer takes ordinary tap water and heats it to create a sterilizing blast of water that helps clean cracks and dislodge stuck on food like nobodies business.  

And we need to unstick food around here.  The high chair needs serious help.  Small children have the ability to stick food places you never imagined.  Like the underside of my table.  The steamer goes there too.  

It also goes to my absolutely least favorite place to clean, the toilet Tucker uses.  Now if you have never potty trained a young boy, let me fill you in...they have poor aim...every day...several times a day.  Which means the toilet is surrounded by a moat of...well you get the idea.  And the steamer is great for getting this off my tile and out of the cracks. 

If this is more than you needed to know about my son's bathroom habits, I apologize, but I do hope it makes you realize how special the steamer is.  Sterilized clean with no chemicals and no cost (besides the initial out lay for the steamer)...priceless.

Do you have a steamer?  What do you use it for?

Did I mention that I am having a CLEANING GIVEAWAY at the end of this week?  No?  Well I AM!  So make sure you keep tuning in for all the details!

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Owl and Fox said...

Oooh! I want one! I have a birthday coming up :) *rubs hands together*