Saturday, March 14, 2009

Earth Day Books

My son brought home his usual scholastic book order form this week from preschool and I was happily surprised to find all kinds of Earth Day Books! They have Dora , Magic School Bus, Recycling books, etc... All of them are focused on getting your kids to understand the importance of the Earth Day and, well, the Earth.

Of course I always think that leading by example is the very best way to raise little environmentalists, but books help too.

Do you have any favorites for helping to raise little eco-activists?

What great Earth friendly books have you found?


Eva said...

melanie walsh: ten things i cando to help my world

Patty Skypants said...

We buy "My Big Backyard" and "Animal Baby" magazine for our nephew Walker. These are available from National Wildlife Federation. We need to pay special attention to him because his mom's family is the Texas cattle ranchin', gun totin' side . . . think George WALKER Bush! The solution to every problem is "shoot it."