Monday, March 23, 2009

Get Rid of Rust

I know that Spring Cleaning week is officially over, but as this is my blog and I still have tips...let the cleaning continue! Today's tip is on getting rid of rust.

Have I mentioned that I have hard well water? I think so, and I do. This leaves rust stains in my sinks, toilet, etc...Annoying. But I have found what I think is a brilliantly simple and effective way to get rid of this rust. It's called grapefruit juice, perhaps you've heard of it?

All you need is pure, 100% grapefruit juice poured directly onto the rust stain. In the sink I stop the drain and just let it sit for a while. Then wipe it with a cloth or brush (if more scrubbing is needed). Usually this works perfectly. I hear other pure citrus juices work just as well, but I have only used grapefruit. Has anyone tried any others?

What are your rust ridding tips? If you missed the launch of the Shaklee Spring Cleaning giveaway yesterday, don't forget to go enter!


Belinda said...

Hey thanks for dropping by my blog Via SITS......and thanks for the rust tip , can you use that on everything with rust?

Amy said...

Wow! I never knew that- I have heard that Coke is also an effective rust remover. I use a pumice stone on stubborn stains in the tub, but I will have to try that solution sometime! Great idea!

Mama Krit said...

Oh! Great idea! Thanks. I am going to try it tonight! I have lemonade right now, think that would work? I'm off to experiment.

Condo Blues said...

I have a rust stain on my countertop that I haven't been able to get rid of - I'm going to try this. thanks!

Owl and Fox said...

That's a great idea! When the Husband leaves empty bean cans in the sink overnight (grr!) it always leaves a rust ring, I could never get them off so will have to try this!

Willo said...

Belinda-I don't know if you can use it on everything with rust. I have tried the sinks, toilets, tubs, and countertops. And although I don't have one I have heard reports from friends that it works wonders on dishwashers.

Amy-Pumice stone! That's brilliant!

Mama krit- Let me know if the lemonade works! I would love to hear about it.

Condo Blues-Good luck, let me know how it goes.

Owl and Fox-Grrrr I feel your frustration. You could always teach him the trick too! Or you could put board book coasters down for him! :)

Jenni at My Web of Life said...

Can't wait to try this!!!