Sunday, March 8, 2009

Water Filter Fun

My mom doesn't like my well water.  I don't think she minds the taste but she is constantly questioning the purity.  Which is why she bought me this Brita Purifier.  Thanks mom.  I just finished my first filter.  I am lucky enough to have the fancy model that says when my time is up.  Just in case the orange water filled with black dots wasn't an indication.  

So now I have this filter and thanks to Beth at Fake Plastic Fish, I have something to productive to do with it!  In case you didn't catch it in there, Preserve is now recycling #5 plastics (including Brita filters) through the Gimme5 program!  Because I don't have a Whole Foods by me I will be sending mine in after I collect a bunch to cut shipping impact.  And you should do the same!

Come on, I know you must have some of that nasty #5 hanging around your house, right?


Aunt Spicy said...

Excellent, thanks for the tip, I did not know that!

Lisa said...

We have well water too. We don't have a filter on the sink, but we do have a refrigerator that filters for us. I would LOVE to know your opinion about well water. My biggest concern about it is the farmed 20 acre field, which is touching our property and my ridicoulously obsessed neighbors which chemlawn their yards...god forbid a dandelion or some chickweed grow in their 5 acres of property! BTW the conference you just attended sounded wonderful!

Jenn said...

Neat! I don't like well water either...I wonder if using the Brita will help me to be able to drink it!

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