Friday, March 6, 2009

Green Grab Bag 3.6.09

Welcome to March!  Can you feel Spring in the air where you are?  We have spring fever big time here! 

I am going away to a conference this weekend based on The Ringing Cedars novels (on the right on the Amazon widget) and am so excited!  There will still be new blogs posted though so make sure you check in if you have the chance.  

And now onto this week's Green Grab Bag:
Before you take view the shopping links this week, take a look at buying green, how to vote with your dollars.

And finally, a slow-mo glance at one of the many reasons why we keep trying.

Any big plans for the weekend?


Lucy Pursglove said...

Brrr it's still freezing here I'm afraid. Spring is on it's way though, lots of bulbs peeping through :)
Have a great weekend, Willo!
Lu. X

annie kelleher said...

spring is on its way - its gonna be in the fifties here!!! hooray hooray... all the snow will wash away!!!! im planning on continuing my spring spruce up around the house - im nearly finished the first room i started!

Liz said...

Mmm... I just LOVE that picture. So happy and springy. My only goal this weekend is get outside and walk Mabel. We've finally got some decent weather and I'm so excited!

eva said...

i'm taking the no spending challenge in april. now i think it can't be too hard, after all we only have a 1100 eur (1400 dollars) monthly income for four people and can't spend much anyway. but i am wondering how families with even less money can manage. thanks for the link!

Aunt Spicy said...

I am just loving your Green Grab Bag posts!

Gift of Green said...

Great links! Thank you!