Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Product Review: Skinny Skinny Body Oil

When I recently ran out of my more toxic perfume and body lotion, I tried to find something that would sort of fill both rolls. So on reference from another blog I love, I purchased the Skinny Skinny Organic Jasmine Green Tea Body Oil. I was hoping that applying something that was safe to my skin with a light smell after my bath, that I would kill two birds with one stone by hydrating and scenting my skin at the same time.

I will say that the oil worked very well to hydrate and I was quite impressed with how little went so far. And the scent was subtle and pleasant. It would probably be perfect for a woman who doesn't really like much scent. It wasn't enough for me, but it was a nice, safe, organic addition to skin care. And it left my skin feeling soft and silky all day long. Ultimately I don't know that I would recommend it as a perfume replacement, but definitely a great, safer solution to most lotions.

Has anyone else tried this? Anyone planning on it?


Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

I haven't tried this but it sounds lovely.
I go to our local health food shop for an organic range of 'rose scented' products when I have the pennies :) x

Aunt Spicy said...

Do you think you could combine it with other scents?

Willo said...

Yeah, I think it would be great with other scents, primarily nature focused scents (orange, vanilla, fig, etc...)