Monday, October 26, 2009

So You Say It's Your Birthday!?!

Today is the happy day that I turn 28! I have always kind of loved birthdays. Everyone's. Mine included. But you know what I find I always get asked on and around my birthday (other than how old I am)? "What did you get?" Specifically, "What did your husband get you?"

Well today you lucky folks, I am letting you in on my secret. Because the answer is the same every year. What Paul gave me today, and what he gives me every year (and the same thing I gave him), is MEMORIES.

A while back Paul and I decided that for all the major occasions (birthdays, anniversary, holidays) we would stash some money away and use it to DO something special with one another. It's not that there aren't things I want, or even need. But things come and go. Memories are much more precious to me and are here to stay. Plus, they have a small carbon footprint.

It's not for everyone. I know some people really like the actual opening of presents on special days. I get that. But I hope maybe on my birthday I can give you the gift of a new idea. A present to you, your loved one(s), and the planet! Happy birthday indeed!

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