Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Green Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday! So we have had things in full swing for quite a while around here. Just this weekend my mom was in town working on Tucker's costume (Buzz Lightyear) and I got to thinking that maybe we should share some tips with each other for a green Halloween. Here are some of mine:
  • Decorate with nature! Gourds, pumpkins, corn, hay, mums, all found in nature, all beautiful green decorations. Or...
  • Pick up great second hand decorations. Check out Craigslist, Ebay, and (best yet) local consignment stores for some great festive decor.
  • Do the same for costumes! I have found all kinds of costumes for kids and adults (all of the costumes in these pictures were garage sale or consignment finds) on Craigslist recently and the consignment stores near us are running great specials.
  • If you can't find the costume, try making it (or asking/hiring someone). Handmade ensures that the costume is one of a kind and made out of love. It also prevents a lot of plastic packaging, processing, shipping, etc...
  • Get creative! (And save money!) There are so many great ideas for costumes using things you have around your house. My husband has put on a Detroit Tigers shirt and had me draw on whiskers with eye liner. What about "Iron Chef" (wear a chef's hat and carry an iron), "Quarter Pounder" (a quarter in one hand a hammer in the other), "Freudian Slip" (iron on picture of Freud on slip), "Stick in the Mud" (wear all brown and put sticks on you. What are your ideas?
  • Think outside the bag of candy. Individual wrapping means lots of extra packaging and lots of extra impact. What about apples? Money? Popcorn balls? What are your ideas?
  • Pillow cases rock! You don't need a special Halloween bucket (often made of plastic). Grab a clean pillow case and hit the road. Extra bons-they hold more!
  • Stay local! Try to stick close to home to do your candy collecting. This will prevent extra driving and help you get to know your neighbors better.
What do you think? Doable? What am I missing? What are your ideas for a green Halloween?


Karen said...

Definitely doable! Here are several we have done, 1)a mummy, an old sheet that we had recycled for a paint dropcloth, ripped it into strips and wrapped it around the body, of course having the legs and arms wrapped sep. :);2)a pirate, striped shirt, black leggings, patch over one eye and some brown eyeliner or whatever to make "dirty" patches around the face 3)we always had homemade capes around so superman(woman) spiderman, etc. We had many more but don't want to fill your page. A.Karen

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

I love Halloween! The UK has never made a big fuss over it which is a shame but over the last few years it seems it's getting more popular. I love the pic of you with the kids in costumes - so cute! X

Lisa Borden said...

Here are my thoughts on halloween...hope you enjoy! http://www.bordencom.com/bordenhalloween.pdf