Saturday, October 31, 2009

Buy It Used Home Tour: Bedroom and Bathroom

Today I take you to my youngest son, Everett's, bedroom. Here you will find the toy chest above. This traveled to my home from my mother's. She bought this one, and the same one in green (which is in Tucker's room) about 20 years ago. It's the place where she stored school projects, report cards, etc...for my brother and me. These now house toys in the boys' rooms, but every time I see them they make me happy and bring back memories. Plus I think they are pretty cute for toy storage.

This changing table is almost 30 years old! It was my husband's when he was a baby and it has now been through both our boys. When the youngest gets potty trained, I am planning on repurposing it (maybe as craft storage or more toy storage, suggestions?). Hopefully we can keep it around long enough for our kids to use it too if they so choose.
The last thing I want to show you in Everett's room is this dresser. This was passed down to my mom, was in my childhood bedroom, and has now been in both boys rooms at some point. I think it's a beautiful piece and another one I hope to keep around.

And there is one more thing I want to share with you today, which is not in a bedroom. It is actually this piece we picked up at the same sale where we got the living room table. We used it originally in our first home where we had no storage in the bathroom. We now live in the home built for storage, but I still love using this piece. It's in the hall bathroom (the boys' bathroom) where it holds a laundry basket for guests, little extras, etc...It just goes to show you that when you find a great piece, you can use it, reuse it, and repurpose it anywhere.

Any stories from your home? Any pictures? Anything? Bueller?


Jenny said...

Willow--I love your blog! I found you a while back, but rarely comment. Your site has helped me so much on my path to a greener, more genlt lifestylr! Please keep up the good work.

As for our furnishings, we always buy second hand. I love yard sales and thrift shops. I wish I had more handed down like you do--lovely dreeser!!

Jenny said...

geez, I need to spell check before I hit send next time! LOL
...more gentle lifestyle :)
...lovely dresser :)

Willo said...

Jenny I am so glad you found Green Gracious and it helps! Thank you for letting me know!