Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Buy It Used Home Tour: "Dining Room"

One of the pieces of feedback I got on what y'all would like to see more of is that you wanted to see my place and how we do things around here. That spurred this idea in me that I could share with all of you, all of the things in my house that I bought used (or was given) and LOVE using every day. Now you can see I practice what I preach. And while my house will never be in Better Homes & Gardens, it works for us. And buying (or getting) used can work for you too. You just need a little patience, a love of the environment, and/or a real appreciation of the story inside each item.

So to start our Buy It Used Home Tour, let's hit my "dining room" (pictured above). I say that because we do not have a formal dining room. This table sits in our large kitchen...but it is the dining room as we know it. This table and chairs were given to us for free (can't beat that price tag) by some friends who were getting a new one. I am big on not spending a lot on furniture while my kids are young. I don't want to pay a ton of money for anything, let alone anything that's going to be drawn on, oatmeal encrusted, and sneezed all over before 7:00 am everyday.

The wooden high chair like, well, chair is something I picked up at a garage sale over 3 years ago for $3. It has been through two kids. The light fixture was here when we moved in. The birch branch candle holder was given to me by mom who got it from a friend who was giving it away. All these people giving great stuff away. Turns out that thing they say about one person's trash being another's treasure is true!

Now I want you to share your pictures this week too! Today take a look around your kitchen/dining room. Any great finds from garage sales? Craigslist? Consignment stores? Stuff you were given? Please share!

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Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Good idea. Goodness, I have more hand me downs than I can count!