Friday, October 23, 2009

Skin Brushing

On Wednesday I shared some ways that my family and I try to stay healthy. But today I want to focus on one activity I engage in daily to help protect and promote my overall health. Every day before I get in the bath or shower (ok, bath. It's my environmentally unfriendly vice. There, I said it.), I take my dry skin brush (pictured above) and brush head to toe. Ok, not really head, face sometimes though, and all the rest of it.

And here's why skin brushing is great for you. I found this website that gave me the top 11 reasons for skin brushing. And this, I adore because 11 is my lucky number. So here you have them:

1. Removes cellulite

2. Cleanses the lymphatic system

3. Removes dead skin layers

4. Strengthens the immune system

5. Stimulates the hormone and oil-producing glands

6. Tightens the skin preventing premature aging

7. Tones the muscles

8. Stimulates circulation

9. Improves the function of the nervous system

10. Helps digestion

11. AND it’s easy, inexpensive and invigorating!

Because I am a woman, I know what you women are thinking. "Did #1 say, remove cellulite?" Yes it did my friend. Plus all those other great benefits to you without any harm to the environment. So what are you waiting for? Get your skin brush and get on it!


The Accessory Lady said...

I knew about circulation and the dead skin cells, but I had not idea about the other benefits. Where can I find a brush similar to yours?

Liz said...

All you needed to say was 'removes cellulite.' Thats all I needed to hear. :)

Willo said...

Accessory Lady-
I put some links in the blog, but here is the link to one very similar to mine:

Liz-I know, right?!?

Dishy-Girls Photography said...

I just found your blog a few days ago and I've gone back and started reading from the beginning forward. It's so helpful! and so many 'green blogs' aren't helpful these days, they're just hawking overpriced products. Today I watched the story of stuff and I was blow away! It's mind blowing how our own government manipulates us. I've wanted to make changes around here for a long time and finally have the time to dedicate to educating myself about how...and I'm so glad I found your blog. You've already researched so much of what I was planning to look into.

Willo said...

I am so glad you found us and I am so grateful that you find Green Gracious helpful! It's good to know we are doing something good here. And try using the google tool if you are looking for something specific on the blog. I use it all the time!