Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First Guest Post! Trillium Organics Review

Welcome to our first guest post in over 215! This one by my darling husband in his very own words...

I recently tried the organic body polish from Trillium Organics at the request of my loving wife. I had finally run out of my usual shaving gel, so it was time to try a more environmentally friendly option. I will admit that I don’t spend much time or money on personal hygiene and the associated products. I take a minimalist approach. You know, just enough not to get funny looks at work. Needless to say, the exfoliating scrub was a new experience for me. The directions indicated that I should apply the body polish to my face, scrub as desired, and then rinse with water. After the rinse, I was to be left with a layer of oil that would protect my skin as I shaved. It sounded reasonable and simple, so I gave it a try.

The body polish came in a fist-sized jar. It fit nicely in my mirror medicine cabinet. The polish was a dense mixture of salt crystals soaking in an oil. On the first day, I hesitantly scooped up the polish and brought it toward my face. I dropped some as I moved my hand from the jar to my face. As I scrubbed my face, more fell onto the bathroom counter and into the sink. It was a messier situation than I was used to. I rinsed with cool water (rinse with cool water for a thicker oil layer; warm water will thin it out), and began to shave. It was apparent after the first stroke that my protective layer of oil was not up to the task. I made a mental note to get more oil and less salt when I scooped the next day. Well, scooping more oil leads to more drips on the counter top and on my shirt, but it also led to a thicker layer of oil on my face. I shaved with minimal discomfort, but it still was not as good as my usual shave gel. I experimented for a couple more days, varying the consistency of the polish, the amount of scrubbing, and the temperature of the water I rinsed with. I found that for some areas of my face, it worked wonderfully. I had a close shave, no irritation, and a pleasant smell. But for other areas, I just couldn’t seem to get it right. The body polish just wasn’t staying where it was supposed to and was not doing its job. There is a distinct possibility that I just wasn’t using the polish the right way. Maybe I needed handfuls of the stuff. Maybe I needed more rinsing. Maybe less rinsing. The fact that I had good results sometimes leads me to believe that someone out there could get good results all the time. But not me. So for now, I am going back to the shaving gel.

Looking back at my trial of the body polish, I think it is a great exfoliator and body polish. It smells clean and natural. I found it enjoyable to do a really good scrub and get that fresh feeling for my skin. I may even encourage my wife to try it for shaving her legs. But, when it comes to my face and the daily routine of shaving, it just didn’t meet my needs for ease of use, neatness, and consistently great results.


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Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Well hello there Willo's guy! Top post me thinks! Cheers for the review. Xx