Friday, October 16, 2009

Product Review: Bubble and Bee Lip Balm

In a previous review of Bubble and Bee I mentioned that the Pit Putty wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Although, to be fair to the Pit Putty, I still haven't found a safe deodorant I am happy with. But I ordered that Pit Putty in a pack that came with two organic lip balms and I am back today to tell you how over the moon I am with them.

My purchase came with the unscented and peppermint cocoa lip balms. Both are creamy, smooth, healing, and go on like a dream. I find they are especially perfect for applying under my lipstick so that it goes on smooth and looks shiny. But let me just a rave a little more for a minute on the peppermint cocoa scent. This is divine! It smells/tastes great. I find myself reaching for it to give my mouth that fresh scent and feeling. And I have found the added bonus that sometimes because of the cool peppermint and indulgent cocoa smells, I feel like I have given myself a little treat without having to actually eat one.

But maybe the very best thing about this lip balm, whether you get it in the peppermint cocoa, unscented, karma apple, coconut & lime, root beer, orange, or new rude rasberry, is the price. Each one is only $3.99. For an organic lip balm! Or you can save even more and try even more with the sample pack (6 for $19.99). A treat for you, your wallet and the planet!

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Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

I love the name of this! Peppermint sounds scrummy as a lip balm. many thanks for the review. Xx