Monday, June 20, 2011

Why Food?

If you are a regular reader, you may have noticed how Green Gracious focuses increasingly on food.  As this isn't a food blog, but an environmental one, you may find yourself asking, "Why so much food?"  The reason my friend and faithful reader is that I am learning more and more that the two are inseparable.

What we eat, how it is grown, and gets to our plate, effects our planet on every level.  Some of the most significant changes one can make are in one's diet.  Now, I am vegan and that works for me because it is a lifestyle change I am happy to make for my own health and the health of planet.  Veganism may have the most significant impact, but it isn't a requirement.

Mark Bittman understands this and I love this TED talk where he explains why we must change and how.  

The other thing about eating this way (real food, mostly plants, local, in season) is that it makes people healthier.  And guess what?  Healthier people have less of an impact on the Earth.  It is all beautifully connected.

That's why this week I am going to have a food awareness week on Green Gracious.  Starting today I will be sharing resources for learning more on the issue and how to make changes in your life.  Later this week I will post on books, movies, and websites.  For now, feel free to check out more fascinating and inspiring TED talks on food.

Michael Pollan (one of my favorite authors as you will see this week) challenges us to take nature's point of view.

Jamie Oliver talks about his Food Revolution and how we can, and must, save our kids.

Ann Cooper talks about food as social justice and practical ways to save our kids.

Have you changed your eating to help the planet?  What inspired you?

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