Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Innovative Economies :: Ant and Weed Control

Meet my patio blocks.  I like them.  I don't like the weeds and ants that gather between them.  So I recently killed two birds (or a whole lot of ants and weeds) with one stone.  I weeded the space between blocks, put some pure white vinegar in my watering can, and went to town.  Then I put in some more fill rocks.  Good-bye ants.  Good-bye constant weeding.  Thank you (again) vinegar.


Lori said...

I woke up to a mass of ants on the front porch. Broke out the white vinegar and covered the mass, hosed off the area then added more vinegar. They're still here and it's been four hours. Am I being impatient or do I have super ants? How quickly were yours gone?

Willo said...


I would not hose it off afterwards. I would try letting the white vinegar seep down in to destroy the hills. I saw an improvement by the next day with this method. The other thing you might try is borax. Maybe poor the vinegar, let it dry, then sprinkle with borax. Hope that helps!