Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Decorating With Old Books

That's my loft.  Sorry for the horrible picture.  Not only am I the furthest from stellar photographer, but even I know the lighting up there is horrid.  Anyway, the loft serves as a spare bedroom/computer room/tv room space.  A while back we moved this piece of yellow wicker furniture up there.

Said piece of furniture was the changing table my mother-in-law used with her kids and I used with mine.  But, since I am all about reusing useful (and in this case cute) things, it is now doing time as a side table in the loft.  Who knows, maybe someday I will be able to let my kids use it with their own.  Back to decorating-it is cute but it needed a little floral contact paper and something to sit on top of it.

This is where the books come in (so the title of my blog is not completely misleading).  My library had a book sale this weekend.  As I am a big fan of supporting the library and books, I was there the first day with bells on (or at least cute sandals).  I found these great classic books, "Treasure Island," "Pride and Prejudice," "Jo's Boys." The only problem was that they were $2 each.  Surely a steal, but too much for me to take 22 in one swoop.  I returned this week on the big bargain day and was in luck.  No one else had bought any and I scooped up the rest of the bunch, plus Nancy Drew and some Hardy Boys, and a few beauties for beside the globe for $2 total.

They are super affordable table toppers, entertainment for sleepover guests, and mostly literary masterpieces.  Welcome to my home Tom Sawyer, Jack and Jill, and Davy Crocket.  We are happy to have you.

What are some creative ways you have decorated?

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Meg said...

Willo this room is so cute! It makes me want to take a nap up there. :) Also I cracked up at the cute sandals part! I, too am wearing cute sandals.