Thursday, May 19, 2011

Busy Bees

Like the bees that have temporarily taken over my red bud trees, we are busy around here.  The amount of rain we are receiving here in Michigan means detailed planning for spring projects.  The main focus has been getting the garden planted.  We tried gardening with minor success in the past and are trying very hard this year to do more and create gardening traditions.

The sketches in the garden journal are coming to life in the form of raised beds, squash and watermelon mounds, and container planting on the patio.  Hopefully come summer the time invested will reap its rewards.  For now I am just happy to have things in so that we might enjoy a little bit of vacation.  I will be back soon with home updates, reviews and giveaway, and more recipes.  Thanks for bearing with me while I make the most of spring.

What are you busy trying to get done this spring?

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