Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bookin' It

I was recently introduced to this beautiful little book called, A Householder's Guide to the Universe: A Calendar of Basics for the Home and Beyond. In it, Ms. Fasenfest brilliantly lays out an argument for why the art of Householding is important and the intelligence of building your own at home economy. Better yet, she does it in a month-by-month layout that is incredibly easy to follow. January is a time for rest (got that under control with my stack of books and recently discovered Glee addiction) and garden planning.

Every year we intend to start a garden and don't, but this year I am determined to be more on top of it. Which is why I went out and found the biggest gardening journal (in form of sketchbook) I could find and am currently using it to jot down the wisdom in my big book of Country Wisdom & Know-How. I also ordered this book.

Because we have a very high water table and the previous owner filled a lot of the land with rocks for his RV, we are facing all raised bed veggie gardening. So I will soon be off to the library for books on that topic (recommendations?). I have to admit, I am utterly overwhelmed and this is the most homework I have felt like I had since I finished school.

Someone please tell me it gets easier. And please share your tips, reference recommendations, country wisdom, etc...Golly could I use it!


Hallie said...

Check out "The Square foot gardener" book... very helpful! I am in the same boat as you.... but determined to make it work! :)

Pam said...

My recommendation is the All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew and Mother Earth News has a plethora of info online.

Jennifer Rizzo said...

I love my country wisdom book! Even though we have good soil, I have all raised beds. it's so much easier to amend the soil.

Jennifer said...

I don't have advice, but I like those books. I'll have to check at my library or order them. I want to start a garden, it just never seems like I have the time.