Monday, August 17, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Look at this beautiful, if small, bounty from my garden. Small is good since I seem to be the only one eating veggies around here these days. I love to dip these little guys in hummus for a mid-afternoon snack. Delicious!

I am clearly not the only one who has discovered the benefits of growing your own food to Earth and self. There has been a 19% increase in U.S. households growing their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs over last year. 54% of households grow their own food primarily to save money on groceries. And why not, just $70 spent on planting can yield $530 worth of produce per season!

Growing your own organic produce ensures that less pesticides and herbicides are used, the food has a shorter distance to travel to your plate, and you know exactly what you are putting in your body once it gets there.

What's growing in your gardens? How is your "harvest" going? What didn't you grow this year that you will definitely plant next year? Any organic gardening tips?


5 Orange Potatoes said...

Cherry tomatoes and hummus....a favorite combination over here! We are finally getting some sweet corn to harvest. Yummy!

Lisa :)

Lucy Pursglove said...

Mmmm they look delicious, Willo! The most organic thing we've done is get chickens; They make amazing pest control eating all the slugs and bugs and their poo makes great compost! :) xx

Patty Skypants said...

Growing is good! Lotsa 'maters. Sweet potatoes are doing well, but Yukon Gold 'taters got the plague. Roly Poly zukes are so cute and stuffable! Herbs have all gone crazy and the sunflowers have attracted a respectable following of honey bees. YAY! I have saved lotsa seeds from bok choy, arugula, and daikon radish. Saving seeds is the real treat. It means we eat next year! xxoo Patty