Saturday, August 8, 2009

Getting Your Move on At the Homestead

That picture is what I see every morning as I start my run.  It brings me joy.  It's one of the reasons I quite the gym this spring.  The other reasons are the following pictures and the fact that my 30 minute drive to and from the gym and time indoors were not bringing me even a little joy.
My view at the one mile mark

I love nature and this Summer I chose to take advantage of it by running outside for my daily workouts.  It feeds my soul, not to mention the earthly benefits.  Finding a way to get your workout where you live serves the planet well in a number of ways:

...cutting down on gas driving to and from the gym
...cutting down on electricity from machines, lights, and facilities used
...often times gyms use toxic cleaning chemicals to clean the building and machines, less time at the gym means you using and inhaling less chemicals
...getting outside allows you to enjoy and appreciate nature, perhaps allowing you to treat it better
...less equipment used means less equipment made, which means less resources used
The creek at 1.5 miles 

I know that running isn't everyone's thing, and there are some people who really need to go to the gym.  But for those who want to/can get moving at home there are lots of options:
  • Walk/Bike/etc...if you can, make it part of your commute
  • Get some exercise videos (check out Netflix, your local library, or Swap-a-DVD
  • Check Craigslist for used exercise equipment and set up a home gym
This perfect barn makes me happy there and back...but always a little more happy at 2 miles

What have you done to exercise at home?  How have you found that it helps you or the environment?  


Lucy Pursglove said...

What beautiful pictures! No wonder you enjoy your run. My youngest brother is a keen runner, he did three marathons in a row this summer for a childrens charity; Paris, Edinburgh and London. I do admire runners and the sense of freedom it must bring. My choice when it comes to exercise is Yoga, I love it. X

Lizzie said...

great pictures! i would LOVE to run outside, it;s been 110 by 7AM here though :(

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