Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fall Shopping Cart: The Used

On Tuesday I featured some sites with brand spankin' new eco-finds, but today in the fall shopping cart you will find my pure happiness. Nothing gets my motor running like a great second hand find on something I really need or want. Here are some great places I have used or can't wait to:
  • I just discovered Shop Goodwill. It has listings for Goodwill items from all over. You can search easily by desired category. I recently ordered a whole dish set through here. Although I do have to warn to watch out for shipping and handling. It can add a lot, although it may still be less then a new item.
  • Another one in the interest of home remodel. Check out Aged Woods. A great website that sells reclaimed wood flooring. Beautiful!
  • The Demolition Depot is super cool place just to look around if nothing else. But if you are in the market for things to spruce up or make your home more functional, by all means this is your place.
  • You have heard me rave about I Like It Mama and thanks to a reader's suggestion, I have found another online consignment store. 143 Kids is kid's stuff only but there are some great deals to be found. I just got my son 4 pairs of jeans for under $10.You can't beat that, especially with the way they grow!
I am dying to hear about your favorite online second-hand sites. Where do you go? What do you love? Which of these are you eager to try now?

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Lucy Pursglove said...

I LOVE to buy second hand! I like to see it in person so usually use charity shops, boot sales and a lovely local house clearence place near us that's situated on a charming English country lane called 'Duck Street'. We make a real day of it when we visit :) x