Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fall Shopping Cart: The Random

After exploring the new and the used this week, here are some random Mama E friendly items that I have had my eye on and wanted to share with you. Hopefully you will find something on here to wet your whistle, and maybe clean it as well.

I know I have recommended Pangea Organics in the past. What I didn't know, and you may not either, is that the biodegradable paper wrapping (from 100 percent post consumer paper) around some of their products (like this bar soap) is embedded with organic seeds. Not only do you get a good for you, good for Earth product, but when you plant the packaging you also get a spruce tree, basil annual, or amaranth flower!
I've never confessed this to y'all, but I have huge feet. HUGE! Which means shoes are hard to find, let alone eco and animal friendly shoes. So you can imagine how head over heels I was (pun totally intended) when I came across Simple Shoes. This company's tag-line is "shoes for a happy planet." And they mean it! Find footwear for the whole family and a whole section of vegan shoes for those of you shopping that route. Best of all, they come in big-foot sizes for people like me!
And if you are continuing the fashion trend, check out Loomstate for organic jeans! If you are going to invest in organic apparel, jeans are a great choice because they last forever.
And finish the look with a great vegan bag. Vamp Bags makes pretty purses and laptop bags, many of them made out of post consumer and 100 percent recyclable materials.

If it's the 6 month mark to replace that toothbrush think about a Radius. They are made from recycled and plant based materials and some of them just get the head replaced so there is ultimately less waste. Plus they look super cool.

Any random sites you have your eye on? Fill me in on what I am missing.

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Lucy Pursglove said...

Great links, thanks Willo. I too have huge feet! I'm a size bigger than my husband, my feet are a UK size 9 (don't know if they are sized differently where you are). Sometimes I can sqeeze into an 8 1/2 tho! :D