Friday, August 28, 2009

Green Gracious Flea Market 8.28.09

I am jetting off to NYC for a meeting this weekend. But I wanted to leave you with some eco-eye candy so here is another edition of the Green Gracious Flea Market, featuring green products to ogle over.

In the market for a new TV? Is your husband? Steer him in the direction of this green screen which uses only 67 watts which is about half of a regular LCD, and the set is lead free.

I have some great friends and colleagues that love to bike. I am not into the trend yet. But that doesn't keep me from eyeing this awesome fold up bike. Especially in my very favorite color-orange!

Have you ever started your shower and sat there staring at the water going down the drain while waiting for the water to warm up and wondered about the wasted water? If you thought there has to be a better way, you were right, and now there is. One answer is this shower adapter from Evolve which keeps the water off until it gets warm. It then starts a slow trickle to let you know it's ready. A quick pull of the cord gives you full pressure and peace of mind.

Dry-cleaning is obviously not the the greenest solution, but sometimes it's still a necessary evil. One way to make your dry-cleaning experience more earth-friendly is by getting rid of the plastic. This bag is a brilliant multi-tasker which you can use as a tote to take your clothes in and a laundry bag to take them home.

Anything catch your fancy? Seen anything green and great out there lately?


The Accessory Lady said...

The shower adapter is genius and I'm absolutely drooling over the Phillips TV. My favorite green products are the Wonder Wash and the Spin Dryer from Laundry Alternative.

Lucy Pursglove said...

Have a great weekend in NYC, Willo! Hope the meeting goes well. Xx

Lori said...

I don't think the Evolve heads work like that. Once it reaches 95 degrees then it switches to a trickle. It still dumps just as much water waiting for it to heat up, which is why we have buckets to collect that wasted water below our eco-showerheads. We garden with the excess water or fill up toilets.

I want one of those tvs though!

Willo said...

Lori, I don't think all the Evolve products do, just the Lady Bug that I know of. That is why it has the pull cord to resume water flow.

But that's a great tip for people who haven't made the switch yet!

Hua said...


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Patty Skypants said...

There's only one way to save the water used while waiting for it to heat up: put a container under the faucet and fill it with the cold water until it turns hot. Then, turn it off, and when you are ready to get into the shower, turn it back on.