Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm home watching DVDs with my hubby tonight.  We couldn't seem to get the Netflix coordinated to get something on our list here on time.  By the way-Netflix is a very good eco-idea, but more on that later.  Because this time, I was thinking about this great service we use called swap-a-dvd, which is where we got the gem we are watching now.  

We do own a few DVDs, some of which we don't exactly enjoy or watch.  These have usually been given to us by well-meaning friends.  We appreciate the sentiment, but we still don't care for the DVDs.  Swap-a-DVD is a website that allows you to list such misfit DVDs.  Other people can then request those from you.  When a DVD is requested, you print out a wrapper (which can include postage if you like) and mail out the DVD.  This then gives you a credit to request a DVD you do desire from someone else and for the meager price of shipping, you have yourself a new-to-you DVD.  And even better (to me) is that you save the planet another disk.  

This service is also available for CDs and books.  Which is the same exact concept but with books.  Which I also love.  Has anyone ever tried this?  What did you think?  Any good recommendations for my DVD or book lists?

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Anonymous said...

I love this idea... we currently use a similar service called Swap Tree. The only difference there is that the swap happens immediately rather than accumulating points. I've used it for a few swaps that have worked well for me but I like the idea of accumulatiing points so I think I will try this one as well.