Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ummm...You Can Reuse That.

This is Tucker at his school holiday party I got to help with today. You might remember he recently made me proud by stating publicly that he takes responsibility for recycling. Well, he outdid himself again today.

This is him telling his lovely teacher that once she is done eating the cookies in the tin she just received, she can reuse that tin for something else. His unabashed environmentalism makes my heart sing. And he knows about the tin reuse because we recently packaged cookie exchange treats in tea tins.

How have you been reusing this holiday season? Have you received anything you plan on reusing?


MLDB said...

We reused our mason jars as gifts for Avery's teachers. We put colored sharpies in them, wrapped them in (reused) ribbon, and made a note from (reused) wrapping paper that said "Thanks for keeping us sharp".

Lori said...

We have a bin of scrap paper at home for the kids to color on, make mosaics, do general art projects and I thought it wonderful when my daughter volunteered to help clean up her 130+ Thanksgiving party at school and saved paper decorations that were in the trash pile saying "these make great projects!".

Now the scraps were um "upcycled" into teacher cards.

Willo said...

Those are both BRILLIANT!