Monday, December 13, 2010

Snowed in Holiday Home Tour

We are snowed in today. So we are in pjs, making cookies, and having a Christmas movie marathon. I thought I would take the opportunity to also hop on the Holiday Home Tour train.

Regular readers will know that I am neither a. a photographer or b. an interior decorator. We tried to work with what we had this year and highlight the nature we live in.

We try to keep the tree simple and fun. It is a fresh cut tree from a local farm. Fresh cut trees provide oxygen and habitat for years before being cut and ours goes back into the woods to provide more habitat after New Year's. A new ornament every year for the boys (fair trade this year in the advent calendar). We picked up the garland 1/2 off the day after Christmas last year.

The garland on the stairs was a gift from my MIL and the stockings are all second-hand or gifts. A lot of the snowman stuff (including the upcycled ironing board) is from an annual craft show we attend the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Finishing up the living room, the Department 56 houses are also from my MIL and the moose scene is a piece of art from our local coffee shop, an upcycled candle jar, and a lantern I have had since high school (and neither you nor I wants to think about how many years that's been).

In the kitchen, the figurals are Harry Slatkin and Co., the light garland (is that called garland?) is 1/2 off day after Christmas too...and the birds, trees, snow, and nature, they are 100% God.

Thanks for visiting!


Carrie said...

LOVE your house and the way you keep it simple. I think all the wood lends itself well to a minimal effect.

Being snowed in is my idea of a good time, actually. =D Enjoy your day and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

:) said...

I love the little houses all lit up in the window.

CC said...

this is your gorgeous home!!!!????????? I am so jealous! I can't even bear to open the shades for 6 months of the year because it's gray and depressing and rainy. None of that gorgeous white stuff.

Shari said...

I love your home- thanks for sharing it!