Monday, December 6, 2010

Raising Responsibility

Have you heard the news? Apparently Kidergartners are responsible. At least that's what the handmade book my oldest son, Tucker, brought home from class today said. The book went on to show pictures the kids had drawn of themselves demonstrating their responsibility along with their attempt at writing a sentence about it, followed by the teacher's translation.

It is a truly endearing book. Most kids are responsible for feeding pets. One is responsible for rolling in a ball...not sure what that is but it sounds like it could be fun. Oh, to be the kid who is responsible for playing outside on the playground! Where did those days go? I am sure you are dying by now to know what Tucker is responsible for....

In case you can't read it, Tucker is responsible for picking up the recycling. What this really means is, I ask him to take the art papers he has strewn about the house and place them in the recycling bin...but the point is...RECYCLING!?! My son is responsible for RECYCLING! Can you tell I wish I lived in a more mountainous area so I might have a place to shout this from.

I know the fight for a better planet seems long and overwhelming and we often wonder why we do keep on keeping on. Today I was reminded. This is why we do it. Because kids are listening and watching and the planet is theirs next. It is our job not only to take care of it for them, but teach them how to take care of it themselves.

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