Saturday, December 18, 2010

From Diapers to Dog Food

I have almost learned my lesson about getting rid of things. Being a clutter-phobe without a basement, I tend to relocate things as soon as I am done with them. One too many times of having this come back to bite me in the behind has taught me that if it could be useful in the future and I have the space to hang onto it, I should. Enter plastic garbage pail.

We used a pail very similar to this for our cloth diaper adventure until it was relegated to the closet. There it sat for a few months until I sat up one morning with the "ah ha" that if I put the dog food in that pail I won't have to fear a mouse bite each time I feed Precious. So the pail is in the garage and the mice are out of the dog food.

What have you hung onto just to find a way to reuse later?

Get thinking and get ready for a challenge in the new year! I am laying out the ground work for it and getting excited! I hope you will join me!

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