Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The Winter season has arrived in Michigan. It took its time this year, with the first snow not on the ground until December 1st. Which, I suppose, is my excuse as to why I wasn't prepared with snow things for Tucker. Apparently boots, snow-pants, and winter coats don't just arrive on the doorstep with the first flakes.

After one morning of literal kicking and screaming, I cashed in some credit card rewards and ran off to Land's End to order new boots and coat. After plopping down over $74 for a new child-size coat and boots (with 40% off coupon AND free shipping), I came to my senses and went in search of a better way.

Two thrift stores later, I knew I had found it. My thrift store total for...
2 coats
2 pairs of snow-pants
1 pair of boots
= $55.

I am a lucky girl to have several consignment shops in the area. But if your life is lacking in resale, you might want to do a check of your local Good Will and Salvation Army if you haven't in a while. I was in our Salvation Army the other day and could not believe the selection. If these aren't even options, remember there are always online options like Ebay and I Like it Mama.

Happy Winter!

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MLDB said...

My mom uses freecycle all of the time. This year she got us a pair of boots, snowpants and a coat for free!
The coat isn't as waterproof as I would like, but I already had one that I picked up a couple of years ago from a g-sale. All in all with boots, pants, coat, mittens and hat, I spent about $10. I was a happy happy mama.