Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Second Hand Finds of 2010

This globe was $5 at Salvation Army and is covering a watermark on my wood.

The time has come to reflect on the past year and gaze ahead. As those of you who read the contest announcement and will be treasure hunting with me know, I am looking ahead to the challenge of a year of second hand treasures. This has me thinking about my finds from 2010. Here are some of my favorites...

We set up a Montessori-like environment for the boys at home this year so many of my finds were to assist in that. Like this easel, $2 at a garage sale.
The chairs were $1 each, also at a garage sale:

I don't remember the exact price on the lamp, but we got it at a local resale shop for their "art table" which we got at the same shop. It's just an old coffee table but was so much more affordable than an art table from a catalog.

I got this light fixture from Craigslist for $30
This little lamp for my desk came from the village furnishings resale and cost $3.

These last ones are my most recent and in some ways my favorite. The pine cones were at the village antique mall and are Department 56, $8 for the three (made of heavy metal).

These wellies were a real find because I have rather large feet, so when I saw these fur lined men's size 11 for $3 at a garage sale I scooped them up quick. The hat was $1 at the village wearables resale.

What were your favorite finds of the year?

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CC said...

I love, love, love finding great finds at garage and rummage sales. My kids end up with a lot of "pre-owned" birthday and Christmas gifts.