Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring In My Step

To fight the winter doldrums, we pulled out the Spring decorations last night. We don't have many, just the few things that I picked up over last summer at garage sales. Yet, it never ceases to amaze me how such affordable little trinkets, bought second hand, could brings such joy (especially in the mucky winter/spring transition).
These eggs were .75 cents each. I only wish there were more.
This candle and wreath cost $3 together. The candle very closely resembles one I have seen in Pottery Barn if I do say so myself. I think that one runs a little more than $3.
Pottery Barn

Sometimes in the middle of the summer, it's hard to think about what might bring you joy at the end of winter. But if something sparks your fancy at a garage sale, chances are it will bring you a smile when the appropriate season arrives. Just make sure you have proper storage so you can easily access it when the time comes and look forward to seeing it again.

I think Elizabeth Gaskell had it right when she said, "Anticipation was the soul of enjoyment."
What is putting a spring in your step these days?


Lori said...

I made capes for all the kids at my son's birthday party over the weekend. It was nice to have all the colors (from old sheets and curtains at Goodwill) hanging up.

bj said...

haaaahahaa...I LOVE all your cute eggs.
I made beer bread, come over for a slice, and I might say THAT put a spring in my step. :))
xo bj

Jennifer Rizzo said...

So cute! I am so ready for spring!