Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's the Little Things

"4 days mom!"

"Down to 2 days mom!"

"It's tomorrow mom!"

"Today's my hot lunch day!"

That's my oldest, Tucker, counting down every week to his hot lunch day at school. We let him have one hot lunch a week. He gets only one mostly because we feel we can provide healthier food and less waste from home. The added benefit just happens to be that, because it is rare, it is something he really looks forward to every week and doesn't take for granted.

This week Tucker made me realize that I often loose my excitement and gratitude in a pile of over-indulgence. I am going to start taking a page from his book.

I'll take excitement and gratitude any day!


Lori said...

This is a really great idea for my daughter. Next year when she's eating lunch at school, I planned for bento boxes and things that she can bring back. I'm worried though that she'll feel left out with hot lunch and once a week would be a great bargaining chip. Thanks for the idea.

Willo said...

I am glad it was helpful Lori! Do you think a post on lunchbox options would also be helpful?

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

LOVE this!!!

I was the total opposite when I was in school. Packing was the rare, rare treat. I grew up on cafeteria lunch, baby. ;)