Saturday, September 12, 2009

Do good DVDs

I have recently enlightened you on how borrowing, renting, sharing, and otherwise not buying new DVDs helps the planet by limiting production and consumption. So far I've mentioned library and Swap-A-DVD services. Today a couple more options.

The first is the mail delivery DVD service. We use Netflix but I hear Blockbuster is a good option as well. This works really well for us because we live out in the middle of the nowhere and I don't want to waste the time or the gas it takes to drive back and forth to a store. Especially when we don't watch them nearly as quickly as we would like.

If you are someone who watches your DVDs quickly or is near civilization, Red Box is a great option. You pick up a DVD for $1 a night and drop them back off. Simple, easy, effective, and planet saving.

I suppose then there is always the typical video store option. It's funny how when we get so wrapped up in technology we forget what came first.

But the point is, no matter which option you choose, find a way to get your entertainment without costing the Earth. Make sense?

What am I missing? What other services do you use? Have you used any of these?


Lisa Sharp said...

I love Netflix! I have a window up right now. I mostly use the online streaming but I love that I can get eco-docs as well. The place they ship from is far so they are quick and since it's in the mail the mail is being sent anyway so no extra carbon. :)

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

I have considered mail out DVD rental; I'd love all that choice from my PC chair :) x

The Accessory Lady said...

Netflix is just plain genius and now with the play instantly option it's even greener because there's nothing to mail.