Thursday, September 24, 2009

7-Eleven Strikes Again

You know how I love the 7-Eleven reusable Slurpee straws right? I love them even more since I read that McDonald's alone distributes 52 million meals a day. That's over 52 million plastic straws people! For just one chain!!! Yikes! Ok, so love the reusable straw idea. And I know you don't all have the bliss that is 7-Eleven. So I found you a brilliant reference where you can find your choice of the reusable. Unfortunately, you won't find it for .99 cents, but we know the Earth is worth the investment.

But I digress a little. What I wanted to tell you about from this weekend was how I have fallen in love with 7-Eleven all over again. Because I try to drink all the Slurpee I can get on the other side of my state visits, I decided to just reuse my cup (ok, this time I have to admit it was my husband's brilliant idea) and not only did the Mama E benefit, but I did too! Little did I know that 7-Eleven, like my friendly neighborhood gas station, offers a discount when you reuse your cup! Moral of the story? Take your cup and at least ask. Chances are if I have already found 2 places to reuse, you have one by you too. Has anyone found one yet? How much do you get to save per trip?


Patty Skypants said...

YAY! For ten years now I have been trying to get someone to buy a Tiffany Monkey Straw for me as a gift (birthday, xmas, valentine's day), but no one ever has . . . primarily because of the price tag. I was even willing to make a carrying case for it! Anyhoo, I like these alternatives, with the glass and stainless steel straws being my faves. Many thanks for this!

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

What a great idea for them to offer discount when you reuse your cup! x