Monday, April 25, 2011

Whole Foods and Cooler Convenience

I have spent the past few posts sharing with you some of our restaurant stops on our recent trip. When there was no restaurant in the area or we just needed a quick, convenient stop, we utilized area Whole Foods stores, which were a real treat because we have none at home. Most Whole Foods have a prepared foods buffet, sometime with hot and cold foods. We found this was a great way to get really healthy food and more bang for our buck.

Before we left we printed out the list and locations of Whole Foods on our route and made note if we were hungry or in need of any earth-friendly snacks or supplies as we were driving by. One other thing that really helped with this method was having a cooler along. With the cooler, we could safely pack away leftovers to be eaten later in the drive (on the reusable plates, bowls, and utensils we brought along).
The cooler also stored pre-bought snacks, fruit, and frozen meals. Amy's Kitchen makes great vegan and gluten free option frozen meals. They are a little high in sodium but much better than the standard fast food fare. Other snacks we brought along included lara bars, Newman's Own Organic's cookies, Snyder's gluten free pretzel rods, and hummus.
If you are planning on a trip and have room for a cooler, definitely think about including one. Preserve makes great reusable table and flatware. And your local health food store can help you stock up on snacks.

What are some of your food convenience tips for traveling?

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Aunt Spicy said...

I fly a lot, so I make sure to pack a lunch in advance...saves money and is much healthier!