Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Green Dog Cafe

The second stop on our trip's restaurant route was the Green Dog Cafe. This set away little place is the healthier cousin to the Brown Dog Cafe. Bonus for our family because it meant a little more of something for everyone with the carryovers from the one restaurant to the other.
We were able to enjoy their (not healthy but) delicious signature GD fries. I ordered the Green Dog Burger, made from garbanzo beans. My husband enjoyed Green Bowl which came in a huge portion with plenty for leftovers. There are vegan and vegetarian options, as well as something for the meat eater and the website does a great job at explaining the restaurants food sources and commitment to the planet.
Perhaps the best thing for us was that there was outside eating. We enjoyed the sunshine and breeze while eating our delicious food. The boys got to watch the surrounding neighborhood from the balcony (including the ever-fascinating tractor at work) and stretch their legs a bit from the car ride.
Any readers been to Green Dog Cafe (or its cousin Brown Dog)? Favorite menu items?

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