Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Saving the planet 1 dress at a time!

Made from the Metro Times

Today I am happy. Not just because I leave for vacation tomorrow, but because I just heard a story of good news. Turns out another one of my friends from high school is brilliant. Matt is the designer and creator of Saving the planet 1 dress at a time! He makes beautiful fashions from upcycled materials. Please go visit his page (and maybe even "like" it) if you have a minute.

made from wrapping paper

made from tissue paper for breast cancer awareness

made from flyers

He is also doing a show called The Paper Doll Exhibit on Thursday, April 7th if you are in the east Michigan area.

Which dress is your favorite? What is making you happy today?

I will see you all on the flip side of vacation and be back sharing all our adventures.

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Gretchen Knowlton said...

My friend from high school's wife has recently started an infant/children's clothing line using recycled/repurposed fabrics. She has some amazing pants and rompers made from vintage linen dish towels. She's based out of Chelsea and on Facebook. The name of the company is G.C.B. in honor of their son. Just thought I'd share!