Saturday, April 23, 2011


In Lexington, Kentucky we took a short walk from out hotel (the Hilton Downtown) to the little restaurant Alfalfa. After a short wait (we forgot they are closed between lunch and dinner) we were quickly seated and set to enjoy a quirky but yummy meal.

Not unlike other places we stopped, the offerings from the kids menu consisted of grilled cheese and pb & j. We ordered one of each for the boys to split and they enjoyed both. I ordered the red beans and rice which was simply delicious. Not only because it tasted good, but it was actually very simple. Red beans, rice, a tiny bit of seasoning, and a whole lot of yum! I forgot how overwhelmed taste buds can get sometimes and how grateful they are just to take it easy once in a while. Paul got pizza of the day and a veggie plate for us to share. I enjoyed the baked apples from the plate for dessert.
All the food was good, but the thing I appreciated most was the salad. Their salads were a complex mix of greens, veggies, and sprouts (nowhere else on the trip did we find sprouts). Alfalfa is worth a stop as much for the atmosphere as the food itself. Watching downtown walk by while eating some healthy grub, surrounded by art from local artists was definitely a plus.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, the kids were antsy.

Any Alfalfa fans out there?

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