Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Foods Market and Cafe

Our first stop upon driving into Lexington, Kentucky was the Good Foods Market and Cafe. This charming little place (as the name indicates) is a combination market and restaurant. They sell all kinds of foods and products, but also have a buy what you need co-op.
For our food necessities, Paul and I split a dish from the pay by the pound hot lunch buffet (now with extended hours). We ordered from the deli for the boys who guessed it, grilled cheese. Turns out that this was one of our most affordable meals which also provided some of the most variety because of the buffet option. This is a great stop for travelers because you can not only get a hot meal and some wheat grass juice, but you can also stock up on any ec0-product necessities you might need for the trip.
We ate outside, enjoying the lovely weather and watching the (obvious) regulars come and go.

Who has been to the Good Foods Market and Cafe? Anyone a part of the co-op? Have you joined your own local co-op or have something similar in your area?
All photos taken from the Good Foods Facebook page

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