Monday, February 21, 2011

Re-imagining Spring Projects

This was supposed to be the year of the vegetable garden around here. I say "supposed to," because the other day I was cleaning my bedroom when I got a glance of my mattress.

You've done this before right? All the sudden seen something in your house that was dirty/disgusting and you couldn't imagine how it could be that bad and escape your notice so long...right?

Well, that's how it was with my mattress, on which I noticed black mold...ON MY MATTRESS! I know how it got there. We live in a really wet area. Which means even though our house is 3/4 earth sheltered and uses passive solar heating to stay cool, we have to run the air conditioning to actually condition the air. A lesson learned a little too late.

Seeing the mattress made me realize that if it's there, it's in the carpeting-probably everywhere. This is not a healthy way to live and needs to remedied ASAP. Yet, there are only so many resources (time, money, energy) to go around. Thus it was decided. We will plant very limited "gardens" using the 2 small raised beds and pots we have while trying to learn and focus on replacing the mattress and flooring.

There will be no new carpeting, but what we will be getting is up in the air. I am open to suggestions...on flooring, mattresses, what limited veggies to grow, how to magically manifest more resources...anything really. In the meantime, I am off to plan and research.

How are your Spring projects shaping up?

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