Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Incomparable Tease

The first glimpse of Spring is an incomparable tease here in Michigan. As the sun shines in through cold windows, you would swear it has never felt so good on your skin. Not only the snow thaws, but muscles as well, seem to creak awake, preparing for activity.
Blue skies will not be appreciated all the year as they are on the day you can walk outside without a coat in February and look up at them, smiling.
Spring has never been my favorite season. She comes in at least second to fall's sweaters, apple cider, and russet hues. Sometimes third even to winter's crisp, pure beauty. I do appreciate her more every year though, the closer I push myself toward nature. She may not hold fall's favor, winter's beauty, or summer's bounty. But she, she is the one who holds the promise. In these days, with that promise she teases and I dare say no one here minds at all.

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Pattyskypants said...

Somehow, Spring scares me. I never seem to have started seeds or garden work early enough! :-) Maybe this year. [Yeah, right!]