Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Childhood Revisted

A few weeks ago my mom gave my boys and I a great gift. For me, it was the gift of nostalgia. It's amazing how one person might view these things as a pile of crappy plastic junk. But these are the old playthings of my brother and I, and so I view them as my memories.
The boys of course viewed them as great "new" toys. No matter their name, they needed a place to stay now in our home.
This dresser has been in every house I have ever lived in and is now in Everett's room even though it no longer holds clothes because I cannot stand to part with it. Now, I am glad for nostalgia of all kinds.
The kind you play with...and the kind that holds the playthings.

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Teresa said...

How special to see your childhood toys played with by your very own children! I still have my very first pillow case and I love it. I can't use it because it's so tattered, but I love knowing that it's still around. Now you've got me wondering where my Barbie Dream House ended up?!