Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter's Gift

Winter's greatest gift in my book is the time for reflection. This week Mother Nature layered the cool breath of winter over much of the country and granted me that gift. For two days I did not leave my home. I stayed in my pajamas, changing only to go outside briefly and engage in the childlike joy of outdoor play with my boys.I read many books. I thought long and hard. I prayed over what to do in many areas of my life, including Green Gracious. In my prayer I asked for the clarity to be a blessing and be blessed. What I was given in answer is that there is still a place for those of us who want to make a difference, but perhaps that space is not best honored by link parties. Perhaps there are those of us who are ready to embrace and enjoy a simpler lifestyle, but are also ready for a deeper thought and conversation on what that means sometimes.If I am honest with myself, that is what my heart has been calling out for. A conversation and a community willing to explore a new frontier where simple living meets deep thought. Because living simply does not mean giving up the search for something greater, quite the opposite, I believe. Living simply, means you are willing to pare down life's chaos in order to hear the whisper of the divine; in nature, in the beauty of glass jars of preserves lining pantry walls, in each other.

I am leaning into this space for myself, but if you have been yearning for such a place, I hope you will join me in creating it here.

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Pattyskypants said...

Been gone for a while and have time on my hands today. I am so glad to find you are still here! I think living simply initially requires deep thinking but it might just be who we are.