Sunday, December 27, 2009

The "Key" To A Great Present

I know I have shared with you before that my husband and I don't really exchange gifts-and we don't. But this year I came up with an idea to brilliant to ignore. I wanted to give my husband a key of some sort to symbolize how he is the key to my happiness, success, etc... Has the key to my heart. And how together we can unlock the mysteries of the universe. But when I went looking for a great key, there wasn't much out there. What I could find wasn't an actual key shape, was far too expensive, wasn't made with the environment in mind, wouldn't last, or any combination of these things.

So I went back to an old standby. To be honest, I don't know why I didn't head to Etsy first, since most of what is good, I have found on there. And I hit the jackpot with Savage Salvage's Shipwrecked Relics pendant. This beautifully masculine creation consists of a salvaged vintage key (protected) and layered on top of an old ivory piano key hung on a vintage brass chain.

To make things even better, it shipped quickly in reused packaging including a darling little box gift wrapped in old sheet music! My husband loves the significance and the piece and it makes me happy every time I see it on him.

If you are in the mood or market for something unique, I would suggest keeping Savage Salvage (and Etsy in general) in mind.

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John at Cell Phone Recycling said...

Receiving handmade or personal gifts is something that I appreciate more that those usual expensive gifts.