Friday, December 11, 2009

Green Gift Guide: The Final Installment

I feel like now that I have done my due diligence in sharing our family gifting ideas, I can share with you the final installment of the Green Gift Guide. After all, I know a lot of people still have names to cross off the list and if you order soon, everything should arrive in time!

A previous gift guide mentioned my love of the concept of wrapping in reusable. Here is another great way, especially for the crafter, quilter, or seamstress in your life. Use these fabric wraps to literally add a little something to your beautiful present.

An alternative to the cardboard sleeve, this handisleeve allows for a reusable option, a handle, and a little bit of a fashion statement at the same time.
Cloth napkins-A. Fair trade cloth napkins-A+. Beautiful fair trade cloth napkins-yes, please! And just a thought, you could also use these to wrap small treasures!

I just listened to a radio program the other day on the lost art of letter writing. There is something so quaint and sentimental about staying in touch through written word. And if you use this wax seal with soy wax and recycled paper, you are a charming green relic of times past.

A new (and useful) take on the reusable bag, these two sided totes are helpful for the planet and those stylish shoppers on your list.

Oh, how I love upcycling. Have I mentioned this? How adorable are these upcycled, handcrafted clocks? That one is my favorite!

I love a beautiful snarky shirt. I really love this one from Kitten in the Engine. Go visit and pick out your favorite design for the clever girl in your life.

This cute (and BPA + Phthalate free) lunch box encourages creativity and environmental awareness for kids. A great gift for the hungry little ones in your life.


I have tried a few products from Bubble & Bee and am always amazed by the diversity of their skin and body care. I love the idea of receiving (or giving) this sleigh full of personalized organic body care. Now 25% off!

This handcrafted light fixture from Brazilian artisans could definitely make my list and a couple of my rooms. Check out the whole collection.

I hope you enjoyed the Green Gift Guide series. I certainly loved sharing them with you! So now, please share...what are you gifting this season???


Lori said...

We are going on a trip with the kids and then for some of our extended family there's homemade gifts and microloans-where they can choose who in an extreme poverty-type ienvironment to give a denomination to for starting up a business and it's a loan so they should get the cash back, but hopefully they'll roll it over and keep donating.

Aunt Spicy said...

What a great gift list! Last year my mom wrapped each of my presents in fabric, it was the best wrapping ever!

John at Cell Phone Recycling said...

Thanks for sharing this gift tips. This is a great help for a busy person like me. I personally think that the two sided totes are perfect christmas gifts.