Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fill 'er up!

How many of you have stopped at a gas station/convenience store in the past week and gotten a coffee or soda?  Now imagine that week after week all over the world.  Disposable cups are BAD news.  According to pic-usa, billions of them end of in landfills each year, more then 50 million trees are used making these cups each year, and the petrochemicals used to make the cups used each year could heat over 8300 homes.  Let me remind you that this is EACH YEAR!

So I was over the moon with joy when my husband and I stopped by our local gas station and learned that they will refill any cup size for $1.  Once again, saving the Earth will save us money.  And it's smart business sense because now that I know that, you can bet I will be giving this particular gas station our business on a regular basis.

Now I figure if we have an option like this in the little ol' village of Vicksburg, some of you must have something similar?  Anything?  You may need to ask.  But it's well worth your while, your money, and your eco-consciousness to ask the question and keep looking for this option.  

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