Monday, July 27, 2009


I am sitting here this evening sipping homemade peppermint iced tea and resting after a very busy weekend.  The boys and I traveled across Michigan to visit my family (in from Arizona) and attend a bridal shower.  Throughout the tip I picked a could green things to share with you this week.  

The first is about reusable bags.  I have mentioned these before.  I am a big fan of Envirosax and take them everywhere with me (via car console).  More and more people are taking the plunge to buy reusable bags and take them grocery shopping, but it's helpful to expand your thinking and really get the most out of the reusable bag.

One way we use them is we always have a few when we travel to put dirty clothes in.  This helps me keep clean and dirty threads (I got that one from my 12 year-old brother this weekend) separate and have an easy way to get them in the wash when we get home.  The Envirosax are particularly great because their slippery fabric makes it perfect for holding wet swimsuits and such.  

What are some other ways you have reused your bags?  Any green traveling tips to share?

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