Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Recipe :: Quesadillas

I'm back! The computer is fixed. Better yet, it was under warranty.

I return with a a tasty treat I have been enjoying a lot this summer, vegan quesadillas.

These are great because they are customizable to the person, the mood, the food in season.

Start with tortillas. Sprouted grain are the healthiest but you could use corn or flour. I find the bigger the better.

Add filling:
Veggies-really whatever floats your boat. My favorites are diced tomato, onion, lettuce, and pepper.
Cheese-I use Daiya mozzarella and pepper jack.
Protein-I like to steam tempeh and crumble it in salsa. But you could do seitan or tofu as well.

Cook. I like to pair it with Costco organic corn chips and salsa.

What are you munching on this summer? How do you like your quesadillas?

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