Monday, July 18, 2011

Do-Good Garage Sale

On Mondays I usually post my garage sale finds. This weekend found me on the other side of the table for a great cause. A group of friends and I hosted a multi-family garage sale in May and again this weekend to raise money for a water purification system for Clean Water for the World.

The sales were a huge success on so many levels. We were able to find good homes for unwanted items, donate a lot to the Salvation Army at the end of the sale, and (between the 2 sales) raise over $800 for Clean Water for the World!

What do you do with unwanted items? What causes are you working passionately for right now?

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Green Bean said...

Good for you!! I think re-selling used items is a fantastic way to raise money "for free." Two years ago, my son's school held a school wide rummage sale and we raised over $33,000!!!! All from stuff that might otherwise have been headed to the landfill. Way to go!