Friday, January 28, 2011

2 Add-Ons to How To Shop

The How To Shop post has been on my mind this week as I make meals and grocery shop. I realized that I missed two big points. So with that, the addendums:

1. Utilize punch cards. I thought of this one this week when I went to Great Harvest for my bread as I do every week until I learn how to make my own edible bread. I go every Tuesday for double punch day and end up earning a free loaf at least once a month. Which is a good thing because have I mentioned, healthy food can be expensive?

2. Get in a rut. The boys and I eat the same thing almost every day for breakfast and lunch. This does a couple of things for us: it lets me buy in bulk knowing that we will use everything, it keeps me from having to guess or short order cook for every meal, and it helps us stick to a plan. I once read Dr. Oz said that eating the same thing for certain meals helps you to limit your junk food intake my limiting your options and your confusions around food. I have come to believe this is true.

Ok, I really think that's everything now. Have you thought of any more?

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